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Why Choose Us

Fabbme is one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinics in India that is also one of the entrusted names when it comes to delivering the best hair transplant services at the most affordable price range. Well, there are several reasons that you must choose our Fabbme for experiencing the most successful hair transplant surgery-


  • Best team– Fabbme consists of the most efficient team that is comprised of trained surgeons, staffs and technicians who are all committed to delivering the best hair restoration procedure.
  • Quality assurance– Fabbme believes in quality over quantity, so we have made sure that all the surgeons and staff present in our clinic can provide their best to accomplish the best result.
  • Natural appearance– We aim to achieve complete patient satisfaction, so we make sure that our surgeons and the team of professionals can achieve the most natural undistinguishable hairline.


Our Success in Numbers

Our Core Values


Quality, along with affordability, is one of our pillars of strength. We are inclined to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Deep-rooted hairs need not dig deep into your pockets.


We are high on ethical morals and integrity is very dear to us at Fabbme.


Everyone is entitled to exploring aesthetics. We make sure that our clients have access to the best hair transplant treatments, suited according to their conditions and need.


The ability to improve appearances is the nature of our Quality hair transplant treatments, and we specialize in it. Our world-class medical staff has the skills of effortless precision.


Our medical staff has hands-on training on various hair transplant techniques which shows our diverse ability to cater to the needs of clients.


The one priority that doesn’t shift instances at Fabbme hair transplant clinic is Safety.

Success Stories

a truly life-changing moment​

Mahesh Kumar Success Story:

A client approached our clinic with stage 5 male pattern baldness. He was in his mid-20’s and not obese. With an active social lifestyle, he was very conscious of his looks. Of course, being young and have such hair loss was worrying him a lot. He feared that he would go bald very soon. Many herbal remedies and traditional hair growth solutions were used by him, but no drastic results were seen. He wanted to undergo FUE hair transplantation, but after consultation, it was decided that we stabilize his hair loss before undergoing surgery for optimum results. FUE hair transplantation was performed on his front and mid-scalp region. In one FUE session, 1800 hair follicle grafts for implantation into the frontal hairline and mid-scalp region was carried out. The image you see now is 9-months post the surgery. Over the course of next 9-months more growth and thickness can be expected.

before-min After-min

Get a Consultation Right Now! Call: 800 326 9160



Meet Our Specialists

We think it’s really important that clinicians have a mixture of clinical skill and human qualities that mean you can place your trust in them. We interview every potential partner in person before we agree to work with them, as well as carrying out rigorous background checks.

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  • What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Hair Transplant in Surat?
  • How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant clinic in Surat?

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that involves relocating hair follicles from one part of the scalp or body to the balding or hair thinning area. The cause of hair fall is no longer a mystery. So thanks to the modern science and technology that brings hair transplant surgery as a revolutionary treatment for hair loss that has an impact on the lives of people who have been suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and balding issues. When hair transplant was first discovered back in the 70s and 80s, the surgeons used to place sections of hair that are called hair plugs and then placed in the balding or the hair thinning area which provided quite an undesirable appearance. But thankfully, with several technological advancements, it is now possible to achieve a natural appearance. You might also be surprised to know that hair transplant in Surat has now also reached a new height, especially with the aid of clinics like Fabbme. We at Fabbme is proud to provide a customised treatment plan based on your hair situation.

Hair fall is one of the worst nightmares ever that both men and women will have to deal with after some point of time. Everyone hates to lose hair and deal with baldness as that impedes their confidence. So there can be several reasons that you may choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure, and some of them are-


  • Minimally invasive procedure- The hair transplant surgery involves extracting individual hair grafts or follicular units from the back and sides of the scalp. Finally, these hair follicles are implanted to the balding area very carefully. Some of the latest hair restoration techniques do not involve any stitches or an incision. What it leaves behind is tiny little dots that fade over time.
  • Faster recovery- Even though the word surgery may sound scary to you, but the hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that includes the shortest recovery period. Moreover, if you choose to undergo some of the most advanced hair transplant process, then you are more likely to experience a pain-free procedure too.
  • One-time investment- Any hair treatment is expensive. Still, when it comes to undergoing the best hair transplant process, it is worth the investment because it is one of the best and the most effective hair restoration process that provides permanent hair that is similar to the existing hair.
  • Natural appearing hairline- If you have decided to undergo this hair restoration process under the supervision of an experienced hair surgeon, then you will be able to relish the most natural appearance.

Well, if you are looking for a great experience with your hair transplant in Surat and want to undergo this surgical procedure under the guidance of some experienced hair surgeons. Then Fabbme can be your best option because we are one of the most trusted names as we are committed to offering the most advanced hair restoration techniques to our patients.

Hair Transplant is a cosmetic microsurgery procedure that involves extracting single follicular units from the back or sides of the scalp that is also known as the donor area. The hair from the sides or back of the scalp is selected because these hair follicles are resistant to baldness, so they usually last a lifetime. Now there are different types of harvesting methods that are available like FUE, FUT. Which technique will be right for you will only depend on your balding condition, your requirement, and will be decided by your surgeon after consultation.


  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)- This procedure entails extracting a piece of hair-bearing skin from the back of the scalp under local anaesthesia. The incision at the donor area is closed with a suture that leaves behind a linear scaring. Then, the hair-bearing skin is divided into smaller grafts and finally implanted to the recipient site of the scalp.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)- FUE is one of the most popular and advanced hair transplant methods that include minimum downtime from this procedure. In this process, the surgeon separately extracts individual hair follicles from the side and back of the scalp. Finally, these follicles are grafted to the recipient area so that the most natural appearance is accomplished.

So when you have decided to undergo a hair transplant in Surat, consider seeking an initial appointment at Fabbme because we know that one solution may not be sufficient for everyone. So we make sure that you receive an utterly customised treatment planBecause we apart from offering the best FUE and FUT techniques, also provide a combination of both these procedures to fulfil your requirement.

Most of the people are keen to accomplish the most desirable result immediately after undergoing the surgical process. But even though it is a least invasive surgical process, it may still involve a short recovery period where during the first two weeks, you may sense some pain, tenderness and swollen appearance. But that will gradually ease out between 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, and you will be able to resume light activities. Still, you must avoid any strenuous physical exercises or swim for at least a month.

You may not be quite aware of it, but there are numerous clinics within the city that performs the best hair transplant in Surat. Among all the options, Fabbme is one of the best options as we have been successful in achieving the most successful hair transplant procedures over the years and has been vouched as one of the best clinics within the city.

Hair transplant is one of the most effective hair restoration process that provides a permanent and natural result. But you will not be able to see the results immediately after undergoing the surgical procedure, and you have to be very patient about it. Generally, after 8 to 12 months of undergoing surgery, you will be able to see the final result because the results are noticeable after each growth cycle that is after every six weeks. By the end of the first hair cycle, you will notice 85 to 95 per cent of the hair follicles will start generating new hair growth. However, before actually experiencing a hair transplant in Surat, make sure that you hold a realistic expectation form the procedure as the hair growth rate is different for different people and that varies on several other factors too.

Even though hair transplant is a surgical process, but it does not involve any significant pain or discomfort as the procedure is always performed under local anaesthesia. You may experience some pain while your surgeon injects a local anaesthetic to the area of treatment, then all you can feel is numbness. However, you may experience some pain and tenderness to the treatment site when the anaesthesia effect fades away, but that is alleviated by taking medication for pain.

Due to the rise in competition in Surat, you may find it pretty challenging to find the best hair transplant clinic in Surat that offers the most advanced and pain-free services. But with us, you can assuredly receive the best results and painless hair transplant surgery that too at the most competitive price because Fabbme is one of the leading brands when it comes to experiencing a hair transplant procedure.

Hair transplant is an elective cosmetic surgery procedure that is mostly undergone by people who are suffering from extreme hair loss or baldness and wants to restore their attractive appearance. To make things easier for you mentioned below are some elements that you must look for when trying to find the best hair transplant surgeon especially in a city like Surat, which is saturated with clinics that claim to provide the best services.


  • Before and after photos- While you are trying to find the best clinic and best hair surgeon, make sure that the surgeon you choose can provide you minimum ten genuine before and after photos of their past clients. However, you need to very meticulous while reviewing these photos and make sure that these are not just random photos collected from the internet.
  • Referring to previous patients- You must make sure that the surgeon you choose can give you a few contacts of their old clients who had undergone hair transplant under their supervision. Meeting these patients will help you to get some clear idea about the surgeon you are about to select.
  • Area of expertise- If you are trying to find such a hair transplant surgeon who can help you accomplish the most desirable result, then make sure that the professional specialised in this domain even though they might be into some other practices.
  • Credentials- To experience the best hair replacement in Surat, make sure that you choose only surgeons who hold several years of experience in this field and have acquired the right training that is required to perform a successful hair transplant process.

Several factors may affect the hair transplant price in Surat, and some of the elements are mentioned below-


  • The size of the balding area- One of the most crucial factors that drive the cost of the procedure is the extent of the balding area as smaller areas will require less number of hair follicles that will cost less than larger balding area.
  • Availability of the donor graft- Patients who do not has sufficient hair follicles at the donor area of the scalp needs an alternative source from where the hair follicles will be extracted. In that case, chest and beard are considered an alternative that may cost more than usual.
  • The number of grafts required covering the balding area-Another factor that drives the hair transplant cost in Surat is the extent of your balding area. People with larger bald spots will need a large number of hair follicles to achieve the desired thickness. However, the number of grafts required depends on several factors like the rate of baldness, the hair density needed and the quality of hair.
  • Method of hair transplant- The two most common hair transplant techniques are-

    1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)- FUT is a traditional process where the surgeon extricates a layer of skin from the back of the scalp that consists of hair follicles that are bald resistant. After removing the skin from the donor area, the site is sutured that leaves behind a linear scar, even though the scar usually remains concealed. Now the hair-bearing skin is divided into several follicular units which are transplanted to the hairless areas of the scalp.
    2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)- The FUE is a much more advanced hair transplant technique that involves the least scarring and recovery period. The surgeon extracts bald resistant hair follicles from the sides or back of the scalp, which are very precisely instilled to the balding or recipient area.

    Therefore it is evident that both these procedures have their pros and cons. But in most of the cases, FUE is much more preferred because it is an advanced procedure and also involves the least pain. So the FUE hair transplant cost in Surat will be slightly higher than that of the FUT hair transplant process.

  • The number of sessions required- Generally, for low-level baldness undergoing one session that is 5 to 8 hours long is often enough to fetch the desired result. But people with extreme baldness may need to experience more than one session at an interval of months to accomplish their desired appearance.
  • Location of the clinic- The geographic location of the clinic also impacts the total cost of the procedure based on the cost of living in different parts of the world. So the cost of the hair transplant procedure in any metropolitan cities might be higher than that of the cost of hair transplant procedure in any other cities.
  • Clinic infrastructure- The clinic’s infrastructure also influences the total cost of the surgery as clinics that are furnished with all the latest technology and equipment are most likely to charge more than other clinics with poor infrastructure.

As much as it is essential to find the most experienced hair surgeon in Kolkata, it is also equally important to finding the right hair transplant clinic in Surat that can help you to accomplish the most desirable result. So mentioned below are just a few suggestions that can assist you in choosing the best hair clinic-


  • Do adequate research- When you try to find the best hair transplant clinic over the internet, you will probably be overwhelmed with numerous options that are present around you which overall makes it very challenging to choose the best clinic. But it is essential to read about the qualifications and skills of the surgeons present there as hair transplantation is a susceptible and technical procedure where a minor mistake can cost you the worst experience for a lifetime.
  • The surgeon’s experience- If you wish to undergo the best hair transplant procedure, then make sure that the clinic you choose has the most professional surgeon who holds several years of experience in their field. Well, the most experienced and proficient surgeon would always charge higher than other less experienced surgeons.
  • Check out patient testimonials- While choosing the best hair transplant clinic, make sure that the clinic website has genuine feedbacks regarding the clinic’s infrastructure and the surgeon’s expertise and skill.
  • The hair transplant clinic’s popularity- Make sure the hair transplant clinic you are choosing is a reputed one and famous for catering the best services. However, you must know that the most reputable clinic may charge higher than other clinics owing to the high standard services that they provide, but that guarantees that you can undergo a safe and successful procedure.
  • Location of the clinic- Another most crucial factor is the location of the clinic that you are choosing. Make sure that the clinic you are trying to select is located in an accessible area and is not very far from your home. There is some clinic that offers additional services too, like a hotel service throughout the surgery and the recovery period.
  • Consultation- Some hair transplant clinics offer the first consultation for free, where the surgeons mostly discuss the treatment plan. It is always advisable to find such a clinic that provides similar free initial consultation so that you can get a clear understanding about the treatment that is offered by the clinic and get an answer for all your questions.
  • Approachability of the clinic staff- Clinic staff, actually plays a significant role when it comes to choosing the right clinic to undergo a hair transplant procedure. Make sure the clinic you choose has all the most experienced and proficient staff who is capable of ensuring patent comfortability. Generally, excellent staff will always keep a check on the results and follow up appointment with their patients after completing the surgical procedure.
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