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The choice to experience a hair transplant is exceptionally personal and must be taken very carefully. We at Fabbme are pleased to grant the best quality services for hair transplant in Kolkata to all our patients at the most pocket-friendly price range. Our clinic consists of the most experienced surgeons who have already helped thousands of patients to achieve the most desired result. Most of the patients are delighted with the outcome that we accomplish. We believe in implementing the best procedures with the assistance of an extremely efficient team and their well-planned strategy that allows the medical team to add detailing to the process. Our clinic is equipped with all the state-of-the-art equipment, and the surgeons prefer to keep themselves updated with the latest technology.


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Quality, along with affordability, is one of our pillars of strength. We are inclined to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Deep-rooted hairs need not dig deep into your pockets.


We are high on ethical morals and integrity is very dear to us at Fabbme.


Everyone is entitled to exploring aesthetics. We make sure that our clients have access to the best hair transplant treatments, suited according to their conditions and need.


The ability to improve appearances is the nature of our Quality hair transplant treatments, and we specialize in it. Our world-class medical staff has the skills of effortless precision.


Our medical staff has hands-on training on various hair transplant techniques which shows our diverse ability to cater to the needs of clients.


The one priority that doesn’t shift instances at Fabbme hair transplant clinic is Safety.

Success Stories

a truly life-changing moment​

Mahesh Kumar Success Story:

A client approached our clinic with stage 5 male pattern baldness. He was in his mid-20’s and not obese. With an active social lifestyle, he was very conscious of his looks. Of course, being young and have such hair loss was worrying him a lot. He feared that he would go bald very soon. Many herbal remedies and traditional hair growth solutions were used by him, but no drastic results were seen. He wanted to undergo FUE hair transplantation, but after consultation, it was decided that we stabilize his hair loss before undergoing surgery for optimum results. FUE hair transplantation was performed on his front and mid-scalp region. In one FUE session, 1800 hair follicle grafts for implantation into the frontal hairline and mid-scalp region was carried out. The image you see now is 9-months post the surgery. Over the course of next 9-months more growth and thickness can be expected.

before-min After-min

Get a Consultation Right Now! Call: 800 326 9160



Meet Our Specialists

We think it’s really important that clinicians have a mixture of clinical skill and human qualities that mean you can place your trust in them. We interview every potential partner in person before we agree to work with them, as well as carrying out rigorous background checks.

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  • What's the Recovery Time After Hair Transplant?
  • How Long Does the hair growth take?
  • Is The Hair Transplant Procedure Painful?
  • How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant Clinic in Kolkata?

For any healthy person, on an average, losing 50 to 100 hair strands a day is considered as a regular hair fall. The hair that is lost is again replaced by new healthy hair follicles approximately three months later. But the problem arises when new hair follicles do not grow back. Now, this is what leads to balding because the hair isn’t growing back.


When it comes to issues like balding, hair transplant could be the last resort that you can choose.


A Hair transplant is the least invasive method which is performed under local anaesthesia in the presence of a proficient hair surgeon. In this procedure, small groups of naturally occurring hair (follicular units) are extracted from the donor area (back of the scalp) and then grafted to the recipient site (balding area). Each follicular units, extracted in their natural groupings, to ensure the outcome appears completely natural. It is an excellent technique which allows people to lower their genetically inherited high hairline.


Hair transplant is an age-old process that has evolved through several technological advancements, and now it is considered as the most popular hair restoration procedure. You might not be aware of the fact that hair transplant in Kolkata and various other cities have also become very popular. To cater to towards interest in hair aesthetics, Fabbme has also made its presence felt like the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. We at Fabbme can proudly claim that we are vouched as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Kolkata that offers the best services at an affordable price range.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) are the two most common hair transplant techniques that are utilised by hair surgeons. It is only a skilled surgeon who can explain to you about both the procedures and suggest the best approach based on the severity of your condition and your requirement.


The FUT method involves excruciating a strip of scalp skin from the donor area (back of the scalp). The skin is then divided into single follicular units and then preserved for later use. Next, the recipient area is prepared, and several small slits are created for grafting the healthy hair follicles.


The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) on the other hand, is a much more detailed and advanced procedure. It works better for smaller transplants, to cover up remote balding or thinning areas. In this process, the surgeon first shaves a small portion of the donor site and then extracts individual hair follicles. These hair follicles are later on grafted to the balding or hair thinning areas in the same manner as FUT.


When you are availing hair transplant in Kolkata, you will be glad to know that we at Fabbme offer the same hair transplant processes - FUE and FUT to our customers. Sometimes we may even use a combination of both the procedures to treat higher degrees of baldness.

People who are suffering from scattered or diffused hair fall or balding may choose to undergo a hair transplant procedure. If a hair transplant is done right, then, the final results should be flattering and natural-looking. When it comes to determining the outcome, several factors should be considered-

  1. The hair transplant technique
  2. Expectations from the procedure
  3. Age
  4. Hair texture
  5. hair and skin colour contrast

When it comes to experiencing a hair transplant procedure, Age is one of the most crucial factors. Because conditions like Male pattern baldness keeps worsening with time. The older you become, the more generous amount of hair you start to lose.


Furthermore, the hair texture is also a crucial factor to determine before undergoing a hair transplant process. Curly hair provides the best results as that covers the scalp better than fine hair because people with fine hair will need to undergo several sessions to cover the balding area.


Kolkata boasts rich culture, tradition and festivals. Hence, people here have a desire to maintain an attractive presentation, which is the reason that they are very much interested in accomplishing the best aesthetic services. So when it comes to choosing the best hair transplant in Kolkata, Fabbme stands out for the services it caters.

Before commencing the process, the patients are administered with some local anaesthetic to numb the area of treatment to ensure that the patients do not feel much discomfort and pain while experiencing the procedure.


If the balding area is significant, then FUT is performed by following a strip method, where the surgeon extracts a strip of scalp skin that bears hair follicles from a designated spot. If FUE is to be done, then singular grafts of hair would have been removed from the donor site. Once the hair follicles are harvested successfully, the doctor's team then implants the grafts one by one to the recipient area.


If you want to experience a successful hair transplant in Kolkata from a reputed clinic, then consider seeking an appointment at Fabbme. Our staff will provide you with expert advice and all the details related to this surgical process. After the initial consultation, our medical team will examine you, review your medical history and may also request you to go through some extra tests if required before performing the procedure.

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, you must be interested to know the downtime associated with the process and by when you be able to resume your daily activities or exercises. Since hair transplant is the least invasive procedure, so the recovery time is expected to be hassle-free and less complicated. However, the recovery time largely varies from person to person. Generally, the visible results can be expected by the end of 6-9 months, and for some people, it can even take up to 12 months for the final product to appear.


When it comes to experiencing the best hair transplant in Kolkata, Fabbme is one of the most trusted names in the city as we aim to provide the best possible results for each of our clients. We are aware that the same treatment will not be equally effective for everyone, so we offer a customised treatment plan to individuals based on their requirement and budget.

Well, Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure, where the extracted hair follicles are grafted to the recipient area through tiny incisions. Now this involves mild trauma to the treated area and pushes the implanted hair follicles into the resting period of the hair growth cycle for about 3 to 4 months. You will hardly be able to find any new hair growths during this time. In fact, within the first few weeks of the recovery period, the transplanted hair will start to fall, which is called shock loss. No matter how disappointing it may seem, but this is normal. When the resting phase is over, after 3 to 6 months, you will finally be able to find new hair starts growing to the recipient area. By the end of 5 to 12 months, you will be able to find some noticeable hair growth. The final result will appear between 12 to 18 months of undergoing the process.


You probably know how stress, sweat, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle can impact your hair health, especially if you are in a city like Kolkata. Numerous men and women here are enduring hair loss and advanced baldness as a result of these factors, and a lot of them are looking for the best hair transplant in Kolkata. When it comes to finding the best hair clinic, Fabbme could be the hair transplant specialist you are looking for to regain your youthful look.

Hair transplant is a surgical method, even though it is the least invasive procedure. Just because this is a surgical procedure, it doesn't mean that the process is painful. Furthermore, a hair transplant is performed under local anaesthesia as that makes the process less complicated and more cost-effective. It is usual for the patients to feel some amount of discomfort over the treated area while your scalp starts to heal. At the same time, some people may still experience some mild pain during the recovery phase, which is easily alleviated with some prescribed pain killers.


You will be happy to know that the Fabbme clinic that is in Kolkata is famous for conducting the most painless hair treatment in Kolkata owing to the expertise of the surgeons and staffs present in the clinic.

If you are surfing through your internet, then you probably know how hard it is to choose the right hair transplant clinic that can help to accomplish the most desired appearance. On following the suggestions mentioned below, you will be able to find the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata easily.

  1. Research- It is essential to do proper research work before deciding to endure a hair loss treatment in Kolkata so that you get to know more about the clinic and hair surgeons present there. Preliminary study or a small mistake in choosing the best hair transplant clinic can overall end up being expensive and harmful to you.
  2. Don't trust your hair transplant clinic blindly- With the increase in the number of hair transplant clinics, it has become challenging to trust clinic's that intend to lure you in with some attractive deals. They are looking for quick money and do not deserve your trust.
  3. Ask questions- One of the most important things that should be done before undergoing a hair transplant procedure is to clear out all the doubts you have before undergoing a surgical procedure. An experienced surgeon will always try to solve all your queries.
  4. Check out the surgeon's credentials- Before deciding to undergo the best hair treatment in Kolkata, it is essential to check out if you have selected an experienced and a board-certified surgeon.
  5. Verify the clinic's infrastructure- After verifying the doctor's credentials from a reliable source, the next most crucial thing to check on is the infrastructure of the clinic that you have selected. Make sure that the clinic you have chosen is well-equipped and maintains a hygienic environment.
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