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It is true that hair transplant surgery has a very high success rate, but this is possible only if the procedure of hair transplant is performed by an expert surgeon.

Fabbme hair clinics are one of the top hair clinics in Gurgaon that are known for their best-in-class treatment because of their highly professional team and the modern equipment and techniques used while performing the surgery.

Fabbme ensures to provide the best possible results to its patients with the most natural-looking hair that improves the overall look and boosts the confidence of the patient. We provide individual attention to each and every patient of us with specially tailored treatment as per the requirement of the patient.


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Our Core Values


Quality, along with affordability, is one of our pillars of strength. We are inclined to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Deep-rooted hairs need not dig deep into your pockets.


We are high on ethical morals and integrity is very dear to us at Fabbme.


Everyone is entitled to exploring aesthetics. We make sure that our clients have access to the best hair transplant treatments, suited according to their conditions and need.


The ability to improve appearances is the nature of our Quality hair transplant treatments, and we specialize in it. Our world-class medical staff has the skills of effortless precision.


Our medical staff has hands-on training on various hair transplant techniques which shows our diverse ability to cater to the needs of clients.


The one priority that doesn’t shift instances at Fabbme hair transplant clinic is Safety.

Success Stories

a truly life-changing moment​

Mahesh Kumar Success Story:

A client approached our clinic with stage 5 male pattern baldness. He was in his mid-20’s and not obese. With an active social lifestyle, he was very conscious of his looks. Of course, being young and have such hair loss was worrying him a lot. He feared that he would go bald very soon. Many herbal remedies and traditional hair growth solutions were used by him, but no drastic results were seen. He wanted to undergo FUE hair transplantation, but after consultation, it was decided that we stabilize his hair loss before undergoing surgery for optimum results. FUE hair transplantation was performed on his front and mid-scalp region. In one FUE session, 1800 hair follicle grafts for implantation into the frontal hairline and mid-scalp region was carried out. The image you see now is 9-months post the surgery. Over the course of next 9-months more growth and thickness can be expected.

before-min After-min

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Meet Our Specialists

We think it’s really important that clinicians have a mixture of clinical skill and human qualities that mean you can place your trust in them. We interview every potential partner in person before we agree to work with them, as well as carrying out rigorous background checks.

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  • How long does the hair growth take?
  • How much does hair transplant hurt?
  • How To Choose The Right Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon?
  • What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Hair Transplant in Gurgaon?
  • How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Gurgaon?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves patching up the bald spot on the scalp. The surgeon removes hair follicles from the donor site that is usually the back of the head or sides of the head, and these extracted hair follicles are then transplanted at the recipient site or the bald spot.

The process of hair transplant helps in restoring hair in the hairless or bald spots of the scalp, and because of the high success rate of these procedures, there has been an increased demand for such services in the whole country.

Gurgaon being a financial and technical hub of the country has a very fast-moving life where people often start ignoring their health and follow unhealthy habits that start affecting their health, including their hair. Because of time restraints, people living in Gurgaon often overlook the condition of their hair and which often results in the problem of hair loss.

People face issues of hair loss in Gurgaon because of various reasons such as their incomplete diet, illness, stress, hormonal imbalance, etc. but the primary reason reported for this problem is the genetic reason that results in pattern baldness.

The most effective solution for hair loss is getting a hair transplant in Gurgaon because it is performed by experienced professionals and also because it has a very high success rate. The results are very prominent after getting hair transplant treatment.

A hair transplant is an elective cosmetic procedure which involves covering the bald spots by transplanting hair follicles in such areas. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed by a professional expert after examining the condition of the scalp. Also, the preferences of the patient are also considered while deciding the technique that will be used during the surgery.

If you are living in Gurgaon and are looking for the hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon that offers the best yet affordable service, then you should consider Fabbme hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon. At Fabbme hair clinics, we offer different types of hair transplant services with best-in-class amenities and services. We are known for our experience in providing the most affordable and best hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon.

Hair transplant is a good option for-


  1. Man who are suffering from androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness
  2. Women with observable hair thinning
  3. Patients who have lost a patch of hair because of a burn or head injury
  4. People with a very prominent receding hairline
  5. People who understand the process of a transplant and have realistic expectations.

If you want to know more about the procedure of a hair transplant and whether or not getting a hair transplant will be feasible for you or not then you can look up for the top hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon, and you will find that Fabbme offers one of the best hair transplants in Gurgaon. We offer the best and genuine advice that helps patients to understand the whole process of this surgery and all the aspects associated with it as well.

Fabbme, the best hair transplant in Gurgaon, shares every in and out details of the procedures and helps you in deciding what’s best for you.

A hair transplant can be explained as a medical surgery that involves the extraction of hair follicles from one section of the scalp or other body parts and transplanting them to a hairless or bald area on the scalp.

The most commonly used techniques during a hair transplant are,


  1. FUE is the most commonly preferred technique of hair transplant in Gurgaon and other places. In this method, individual hair follicles from the donor site are extracted by making small punch grafts, which are then transplanted on the recipient site or the balding spot.
  2. In FUT method, a strip of hair is removed from the donor site which is then divided into small grafts with the help of very sharp needles. These grafts containing hair follicles are then re-inserted into the hairless area. It takes comparatively less time and is cheaper than that of the FUE method.

A Hair transplant procedure is minimally invasive, and thus, there is no need of staying back in the clinic after the completion of the procedure. After the surgery, your scalp may feel very tender, and therefore, your doctor will subscribe you to some antibiotics and painkillers that will be helpful for pain relief and are supposed to be consumed for a few days. The recipient site and donor site may take a week to heal, and thus, one has to be very careful and follow all the instructions provided by the surgeon.

There is a natural growth cycle of hair which includes different phases – Anagen, catagen, and telogen. Though it seems like all of your hair growing simultaneously at the same pace, some hair strands might be in the resting phase while others are growing.

The features of these different cycles of hair growth are-


  • Anagen phase - this phase of hair growth can last for three to five years. In this phase, hair can grow with an average hair length of 18 to 30 inches.
  • Catagen phase - this is a very brief period which lasts for about ten days in which hair stops to grow.
  • Telogen phase - this phase is also called the resting phase, and it begins with your hair starting to fall out.

As mentioned earlier, hair follicles are never all in the same cycle. This is why, during the telogen phase, you don't go bald because while some hair is falling out, rest are growing and are in anagen or catagen phase.

However, certain factors can trigger extensive hair loss by causing a large number of hair strands to go into the telogen phase at once. Sudden hair fall can happen because of many reasons such as hormonal imbalance, genetics or health issues.

If you search online for getting a hair transplant surgery, the results can be very daunting because the search results might show individual images that can frighten you. Though the procedure might seem very painful, there is no reason for one to be concerned about because the whole procedure of hair transplant is completely pain-free.

During the procedure of a hair transplant, the surgeon uses local anaesthesia to numb the operating area and therefore, the patient doesn't feel any pain during the procedure. Though there can be a little discomfort because of sitting for hours for the transplant or maybe because of the use of local anaesthesia but this feeling often fades away after a while. At Fabbme hair transplant clinic, we have developed techniques to significantly reduce this discomfort experienced by our patients during the surgery.

Fabbme hair clinic strongly recommends patients to do preliminary research to make an informed decision of choosing a hair transplant clinic. In big cities like Gurgaon, there are many clinics that offer the service of hair transplant. Still, the quality of service provided by them and the experience of patients also varies from clinic to clinic.

One must consider the below-mentioned points before choosing a hair transplant clinic.


  1. The experience of the surgeon that will perform the hair transplant procedure. A surgeon with good experience in the field will offer better service because of his experience with a wide range of patients.
  2. The qualification of the surgeon – before finalising a surgeon, make sure that the surgeon has been certified to do the said surgery.
  3. Many national companies tend to perform multiple surgeries in a one-time slot to increase their profits. Make sure that the surgeon provides individual attention to you during the surgery and does not perform any other surgery.
  4. If you are considering to undergo a FUT method of treatment, then ensure that the surgeon is being qualified to perform FUT technique and has all the equipment required to perform the surgery.
  5. The success rate of the surgeon is another important factor to consider before deciding a surgeon.

Many factors affect the cost of the whole hair transplant treatment. Some analyses of the factors are as follows:


  1. The degree of baldness is one of the primary factors that will highly influence the final cost of the treatment. If there is a lot of bald or hairless area, then more will be the cost of the treatment to cover it.
  2. The number of grafts you require is another important factor. People with a more prominent bald spot would require a higher number of hair grafts to cover up the whole bald patch. The number of grafts required for doing a complete transplant is mainly dependent on the degree of baldness, the desired results and the available grafts at the donor's site.
  3. The technique of transplant used during the treatment. The two common techniques used for a hair transplant are FUT and FUE. While FUT takes less time to complete the procedure, FUE makes use of modern technology for the removal of hair follicles from the donor site.
  4. In most of the cases, the transplant is completed in a single session of a couple of hours. But there are certain cases with intense balding which requires multiple sessions to attain the desired final look—an approximate Of 3000-4000 grafts are implanted in a single session. In case there is need of more than 5000 grafts, then another session is appointed to the patient, which is usually after a few months later.
  5. Hair transplant clinics in Gurgaon and all around the country will charge you differently for the same procedure. One of the factors that influence the cost of this treatment is the location of the clinic. Clinic in a big city like Gurgaon will definitely cost you much more than a normal city hair transplant clinic.
  6. The reputation of the clinic will directly influence the overall cost of the treatment. A highly reputed clinic will have higher treatment cost than that of an average clinic.
  7. Surgeons with years of experience in this field will charge you more than that who have just started. The skills and expertise of the surgeon will influence the charges.
  8. Surgeons with an impressive qualification background will have very distinguished and higher price rates than those surgeons with comparatively average qualification and expertise.
  9. An adequate amount of donor's hair is essential to carry out this surgery. In case the patient doesn't have enough hair follicles on his head, then the hair is removed from other parts of the body such as the chest which will cost them more. It’s because hair found on different parts of the body are highly sensitive, and it is a challenging task to remove them.
  10. Certain hair transplant clinics offer the free services of hair transplant consultation for you to know about the different types of surgeries and their respective features. On the other hand, some of the clinics will cost you a hefty amount of money for the same consultation and therefore, will influence the overall cost of the treatment.

On average, a person sheds around 80-100 strands of hair in a day. If you are observing more hair fall than this, then you must visit a hair specialist. Fabbme hair clinics offer hair consultation to patients which helps them to understand their hair condition and the reason for the hair.

Fabbme clinic is the leader in the hair loss industry and is very experienced in treating hair loss or baldness. The hair transplant cost in Gurgaon varies from clinic to clinic and is based on several factors. Fabbme clinics offer the best yet affordable hair transplant cost in Gurgaon. At Fabbme hair clinics, our team first analyses the whole condition of hair loss and then only determines the cost of treatment. After that, they will recommend the most suitable hair loss treatment or you. A consultation with our expert team will help you to get a clear idea about the cost of your hair transplant. If you are worried about hair transplant cost in Gurgaon, rest assured because Fabbme has affordable options and alternatives.

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