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At Fabbme clinic, we thrive to offer the best hair transplant cost in Mumbai, so that it is affordable for all the people who want to restore their hair. Our clinic also comprises experienced and proficient surgeons who achieve the most desirable and natural results. Furthermore, our clinic is equipped with all the latest technologies and equipment that can help you to undergo a painless and bloodless procedure. So, if you intend to experience the best hair restoration procedure in Mumbai at the most pocket-friendly range, then Fabbme can be your best choice.


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Quality, along with affordability, is one of our pillars of strength. We are inclined to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. Deep-rooted hairs need not dig deep into your pockets.


We are high on ethical morals and integrity is very dear to us at Fabbme.


Everyone is entitled to exploring aesthetics. We make sure that our clients have access to the best hair transplant treatments, suited according to their conditions and need.


The ability to improve appearances is the nature of our Quality hair transplant treatments, and we specialize in it. Our world-class medical staff has the skills of effortless precision.


Our medical staff has hands-on training on various hair transplant techniques which shows our diverse ability to cater to the needs of clients.


The one priority that doesn’t shift instances at Fabbme hair transplant clinic is Safety.

Success Stories

a truly life-changing moment​

Mahesh Kumar Success Story:

A client approached our clinic with stage 5 male pattern baldness. He was in his mid-20’s and not obese. With an active social lifestyle, he was very conscious of his looks. Of course, being young and have such hair loss was worrying him a lot. He feared that he would go bald very soon. Many herbal remedies and traditional hair growth solutions were used by him, but no drastic results were seen. He wanted to undergo FUE hair transplantation, but after consultation, it was decided that we stabilize his hair loss before undergoing surgery for optimum results. FUE hair transplantation was performed on his front and mid-scalp region. In one FUE session, 1800 hair follicle grafts for implantation into the frontal hairline and mid-scalp region was carried out. The image you see now is 9-months post the surgery. Over the course of next 9-months more growth and thickness can be expected.

before-min After-min

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We think it’s really important that clinicians have a mixture of clinical skill and human qualities that mean you can place your trust in them. We interview every potential partner in person before we agree to work with them, as well as carrying out rigorous background checks.

  • What Are The Benefits of Hair Transplant?
  • Which Hair Transplant Procedure Works Best For You?
  • Am I Eligible For Hair Transplant Surgery?
  • How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?
  • What Are The Factors That Determine The Cost Of A Hair Transplant?
  • Is Hair Transplant Covered By Insurance?

Hair transplant is a life-changing procedure that helps people look younger and attractive. But before undergoing a hair transplant procedure, you must be aware of the benefits associated with the process-

  1. A natural appearance- People seek to experience a hair transplant procedure to get rid of their balding and hair thinning appearance because this procedure will help new hair to grow on the balding areas by relocating hair follicles from the donor area. The outcome is so natural that nobody can tell that the process is even done on your scalp.
  2. A permanent solution- Unlike other topical treatments, hair transplant provides a long-lasting solution. In this procedure, once the hair follicles are correctly implanted to the recipient area, they start growing just like the existing natural hair.
  3. Boosts up your self-esteem- Most of the people who are suffering from baldness are usually quite upset about their overall appearance, and that leads to a lowered self-esteem because the individual may feel like they are different from other people. But on considering a hair restoration process, the patients can get back their hair, and they will be able to regain their self-esteem.
  4. Saves money- The overall cost of a hair transplant procedure depends on several factors. However, if you are from a city like Mumbai and wish to undergo a hair transplant, then the hair transplant cost in Mumbai India may seem a bit expensive. Still, in the long run, you may find it beneficial because hair transplant is a one-time process and provides a permanent result. However, choosing a reputable clinic might help you to accomplish the most desirable outcome at the most affordable price.

Mumbai has a busy pace of life, and people here are concerned about their appearance because everyone wants to look attractive. So the demand for aesthetic services is relatively higher in the city. If you have been in Mumbai for many years, you will probably have some idea about how expensive the city is especially when it comes to undergoing cosmetic procedures like Hair Transplant. But you can now experience a hair transplant in Mumbai at low cost from Fabbme, the most reputable clinic in the city.

Hair Transplant is mostly performed in two methods- FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant). However, among both the methods, FUE is considered as one of the most popular and advanced hair restoration procedures. The process involves harvesting individual hair follicles from the donor site (which is at the sides and back of the scalp) and then implanting those hair follicles to the recipient area (hair thinning or balding area of the scalp). Since this method does not involve removing a strip of tissue like a FUT technique, so the procedure eliminates the chances of linear scarring. Also, the FUE method involves shorter downtime and least post-procedure pain in comparison to that of the FUT hair restoration procedure. If you are planning to experience a successful hair transplant process in Mumbai because you stay there, you must consult with your hair surgeon regarding the hair transplant techniques, its side effects and the approximate hair transplant cost in Mumbai.

Hair Transplant can be a lifeline for many as it helps in restoring hair and boosting up their self-confidence. The surgeons of our Fabbme clinic have seen a wide range of young and elderly patients who want to consider a hair transplant procedure because it is a minimally invasive procedure and involves minimum complications. People who have been struggling from male or female pattern hair loss issues, minimal hairline recession and even early baldness can choose to undergo this process. It is only a proficient surgeon who can recommend you the best treatment option or if you are eligible for considering a hair transplant procedure. So basically anyone who is experiencing a balding or hair thinning issue, and is in an excellent health condition can choose to undergo this procedure. But someone who is entirely bald or has very little hair is not considered eligible for undergoing this hair restoration process. If you are a Mumbaian prepared to experience the best hair transplant procedure. You can choose Fabbme because we offer the most affordable hair transplant cost in Mumbai, especially in comparison to other reputed clinics in the city.

Before choosing to experience a hair transplant procedure, you must clear all your queries and ask questions to your surgeon. An experienced surgeon will explain to you all the details about the two most common types of hair transplant techniques, namely FUE and FUT, that are employed by the surgeon. All of these factors make it complicated to get an estimate of the cost associated with the procedure. It is only an experienced and proficient cosmetic surgeon, who can give you an estimate of the hair transplant cost after analysing your condition because it is determined by the number of sessions required and the grafts needed to cover the balding area. Dwelling in Mumbai, if you want to undergo a hair transplant,then consider seeking consultation from the best hair transplant clinic within the city because the total hair transplant cost in Mumbai depends on several factors which only an experienced surgeon can explain.

Several factors impact the total cost of the hair transplant, and some of the most notable ones are mentioned below-

  1. Surgical technique- With the advancement of medical technology, there are various types of hair transplant techniques that have developed over time. Some of the most popular hair transplant procedures are FUE and FUT. Now FUE is a much more expensive procedure than FUT as it is an advanced, and least invasive technique that requires meticulous work to achieve the most natural appearance.
  2. The number of hair follicles needed- The total cost of a hair transplant surgery is immensely influenced by the number of hair strands that are required to be transplanted. If more significant numbers of hair strands are needed, then the price of the procedure will go higher.
  3. The number of sessions required- In general, a hair transplant procedure is completed within one session. However, the number of sittings required to cover the balding area fully may vary depending on the severity of baldness and the number of grafts needed. The greater the number of sessions needed, higher will be the overall cost of the procedure.
  4. Location of the clinic- The location of the clinic impacts the overall cost of the procedure. This happens because the cost of living varies from place to place. Based on this approach, the hair treatment cost in Mumbai will be slightly higher than any other cities like Hyderabad.
  5. The infrastructure of the clinic- The cost of the procedure also depends on the clinic’s reputation. The clinics that are well-equipped with all the latest technologies, tools, state-of-the-art equipment and maintain a hygienic environment are likely to charge more than any other clinics. But Fabbme is an exception because the hair transplant cost in Mumbai is exceptionally pocket-friendly at Fabbme despite being one of the most reputed and leading hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.

Health insurance is the most vital part of our life because health has always been our priority. Health insurance either pays for our medical service or reimburses the money we spend on treatments, surgeries and a few dental procedures. But it does not cover every medical situation. Now speaking about hair transplant and its insurance coverage, it is essential to make it very clear that there is nothing like hair transplant insurance because this is a cosmetic procedure. But if you have an accident and need to undergo some reconstructive surgery, only then such cosmetic surgeries can be included within your health insurance. If you are from Mumbai and aware of the fact that your health insurance does not cover the cost of hair transplant, and still you wish to undergo the best hair transplant in Mumbai at low cost, then Fabbme can be your ultimate choice.

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